BioAccess v3


Designed and produced using the International Leading Technology named “Fingerprint Self Learning” , the terminal could automatically get adapted for different environments, even injured fingerprint, and could achieve once enroll, all lifetime use. It adopts fingerprint total reflection collector that is most mature optical collector in the world whose surface is scratch-resistant and anti-abrasiv.

BioAccess v3 Front View

BioAccess v3 Back View


Dimensions(mm) 180x80x45 (mm)
Sensor Optical
Keyboard 4X4 sixteen button, One
doorbell button
FRR, FAR <=1%, <=0.0001%
Identification Mode Fingerprint, Password,
Card (External or Wigand)
Fingerprint Capacity 2000
Log Capacity 50000
Communication Mode RS485/TCP/IP
Voice High Quality Voice
Name English Name
Display 0 to 60 (in degree


  • The terminal with 240×160 big display, graphical operating interface. It is easy to operate.
  • It supports 5 type of identification mode including fingerprint-password card, fingerprint+password, fingerprint+card, card+password, card+fingerprint+password.
  • It supports 32 groups time zone, 32 groups time group, 32 group’s time section. It has got valid authority control where it caters different safety control requirements.
  • Various alarm functions for door including alarm for overtime opening, alarm for illegal opening, alarm for tamper resistant.
  • It provides interface of access control door lock, door sensor, press button, door bell etc…Also provides interface of wigand support WG26/WG34 input or output.
  • Top surface of the fingerprint sensors is fully scratch resistant. You cannot scratch it, even with a blade, paper pin or nail.
  • Alumunium alloy shell makes device more rugged and durable.

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